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A. The NYG-COM “V” is equivalent to the U.S.Army Soldier’s Medal except to a lesser degree. It is given for noncombatant heroism to any member of the NYG who has risked their own life in the protection of, rescue of, or the saving of the life of another persons or persons. The degree of heroism to have been displayed is only slightly less than that required for the NYS-MOV. The act may be performed on or off duty, in or out of uniform and in or out of NY State. The supporting documentation must include the statement of at least one eye witness to the action. News reports, of themselves, do not take the place of an eye witness statement. The Medal may well not be awarded solely on the basis of having saved a life.

B. A bronze “V” v is to be worn centered on the ribbon which is green with a white center.

C. For recommendation, use memorandum format with citation and supporting documentation to include eye witness statements.

D. Bronze oak leaf clusters leaf1 b-oak will be awarded in lieu of additional medals. A silver oak leaf cluster leaf2 s-oak will be awarded in lieu of five bronze. Oak leaf clusters may be worn to the right and left of the “V” at the discretion of the wearer.

E. This award will be worn apart and in addition to NYG-COM’s awarded for other than heroism and will take precedence over them.


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