NYG Good Conduct Ribbon (Mini)


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A. The NYG-GCM is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active NYG enlisted service. It is awarded on a selective basis to members who distinguish themselves from among their peers by the above criteria throughout a period of continuous active NYG service of not less than three years. In addition, the member must have performed creditably at three consecutive Annual Trainings during the period; must have participated in at least 75% of regular drills as shown by unit attendance reports; have demonstrated proper military bearing and attitude; have worn the uniform correctly; have a knowledge of and use the chain of command; be within NYG weight limits; have a current physical on file with HQNYG; and have Unit and MSC commander’s written recommendation.

B. No right or entitlement to the NYG-GCM exists until after the award has been announced in HQNYG Permanent Orders.

C. Approving authority is delegated to MSC Commanders subject to verification and review by HQNYG.

D. Specified service is limited to enlisted service in the NYG. Prior Federal military service, military service in other NY State components, military service in other states of the U.S., or service in the military of a foreign country do not qualify.

E. The effective date from which a three year period may start is 1 January 1994. No NYG-GCM will be awarded for earlier service.

F. For recommendation, use memorandum format without citation.

G. The NYG-GCM ribbon colors are those of the U.S. Army GCM but reversed: white with six maroon stripes. Bronze, silver and gold knotted bars (example: sliverexample ) of the U.S. Army will be used to denote subsequent awards in lieu of medals.


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