NYG Achievement Medal (Large)


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A. The NYG-ACH may be awarded to those members of the NYG whose performance of duty sets them apart from their peers but is of a lesser merit than would justify the NYG-COM.

B. Bronze oak leaf clusters leaf1  b-oak will be awarded in lieu of additional medals. A silver oak leaf cluster leaf2 s-oak will be awarded in lieu of five bronze.

C. The NYG-ACH has a green, blue and white ribbon. The old NYG-ACH has a black ribbon with a rainbow center and must have a NYS silver shield in the center. Where there have been additional awards, the oak leaf clusters may be worn to the right or left of the NYS silver shield at the discretion of the wearer.

D. Both the current and old NYG-ACH ribbons may be worn at the same time side by side with the new taking precedence over the old.


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